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TVA Protests and the Little River Community

TVA Protests and the Little River Community  by Laura Sperry Gardner The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was responsible for managing flood-prone areas in southern rural communities by damming water sources

Aiken Family Connections

The Aikens were kin to, married to, or in business with many of the first families to settle what is now Transylvania County. One Aiken with multiple connections was Julius

The Monarch of Elk Park

William H. Allison, born to Alexander D.B. Allison and Eveline Lister in 1856, grew up on Beechnut Farm, where Straus Park is today. In the early 1900s Allison was given

Backus Lodge: Remnant of an Era

At the turn of the century, many urban industrialists were drawn to the southern Appalachian mountains as an escape from the stresses of their city lives. In 1906 one such

CM Doyle, Turn of the Century Hardware Man

On January 19, 1906 new advertisements began appearing in the Sylvan Valley News for Southern Stock and Farming Company of North Carolina. The company was owned by B.G. Estes of

The Ecusta Medical Center: Ahead of Its Time

  The construction of the Ecusta Medical Center in February 1951, as published in “The Echo” company magazine. The Ecusta Paper Plant was once a major employer for the region,

Long Hunters of Transylvania County

Long hunter James Washington Fisher Jr. and his wife Darcus Levisa Fisher in their golden years Untamed and unnamed Transylvania County had a number of men known as “long hunters”

Westall Vineyard

  Westall Vineyard in 1974 One mile east of Penrose, Thad Westall, retired Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army, owned and operated a vineyard from 1964 to the late

Pisgah National Forest Gate

  The Pisgah National Forest gate in the 1930s Many residents recognize old photographs of the gate that once graced the entrance to the Pisgah National Forest. This photo from

French Broad Camp for Boys

  1917 campers from a promotional brochure for French Broad Camp for Boys. Jack Humphreys is front and center wearing black shorts. Summer camps are a vital part of the

The Federal Distillery Building

The Federal Distillery Building circa 1990, front view  Built by “Babe” Cooper in 1854, the federal distillery building still stands today on Highway 276 and is part of the offices

Girl Scout Little House

The Girl Scout “Little House” today The Girl Scout “Little House” is nestled among the trees in Franklin Park and has been providing meeting space for Girl Scout troops of

Calvert Prison Camp

  Calvert Prison Camp Transylvania County has operated several jails in its history, including the original one located in the courthouse.  However, many residents are unaware that a state prison

The Bearwallow Springs Jelly House

  Elise Greer, owner, outside the Bearwallow Springs Jelly House in Sapphire, NC circa 1961 The Sapphire community once was home to the Bearwallow Springs Jelly House. The Jelly House

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