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Mobile Printing Q&A

Print your documents to the Library’s printers from any Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

$.10 for each black and  white printed page
$.25 for each color printed page

Click here to access the Library’s Mobile Printing Service website

Send your print job one of three ways:

1.  Upload documents or web URL’s at the Mobile Printing Service website. The default printing for all documents is black & white.

Once uploaded, select the small gear to change to color printing, print multiple copies, or select a range of pages for printing.

 2.  Forward your email and attachments to:

email address coming soon!(for black and white prints at $.10 each) ~OR~
email address coming soon! (for color prints at $.25 each)

3.  Use the Princh app on your tablet or smartphone.

Available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.
Once installed, search for Transylvania County Library or our printer ID 107434.

Mobile print jobs will stay in the print queue for approximately 72 hours.  If you are unable to come within a day of sending your job, please call the Reference Desk staff (828-884-3151, ext. 4) to ensure that you can get to the Library before your job expires.  The Library is always closed on Sunday.  Click here for Library Holiday closings.

Some documents, like boarding passes, require you to log in to a website to access them. In these cases, mobile printing works differently. If you provide the URL (web address) of your boarding pass or other secure document, the printing service will be blocked because your login name and password are not known by the print system.

Instead, try the following:

  1. If the website gives you an option to email the boarding pass to yourself, select that option. Save a copy of the boarding pass as a PDF file on your computer or device.
  2. Upload the PDF to the Library’s Mobile Printing Service website.
  3. Email the PDF as an attachment to the black/white printer email address, addresses coming soon  OR to the color printer email address, 

Click on the small gear beside the name of your document once you upload it — you can choose number of copies, a page range from the document or color printing.  The default setting for all printing is black and white.

If you are still having problems, don’t hesitate to give the Library staff a call at 828-884-3151  ext. 4.  Remember you can ALWAYS come in and use the Library’s public computers to access pages, email, and attachments and print directly from the public computers if you are unable to get the Mobile Printing Service to work correctly.  We are always happy to help!  Just ask us.

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