The Joint Historic Preservation
Commission assists property owners in designating local historic landmarks.  As an advisory board to the Transylvania County Commissioners, the City of Brevard and the Town of Rosman it safeguards the
heritage of the county by preserving properties of cultural, historical or architectural value.

The front porch of the stack-stone Adirondack style Brombacher House

on East Main St.  This property is individually listed as both a local and

national historic place and is part of the East Main Street Historic District.

The National Register of
Historic Places is a federal program administered by the National Park Service in
partnership with state governments to recognize and protect properties of
historic and cultural significance. 
National Register listing is primarily an honor and does not restrict a
private owner unless the owners seeks a federal grant, tax credit or special

While the Local Historic Landmark
and National Register of Historic Places programs both recognize and protect
historic properties they are two different programs. 

There are 20
properties in Transylvania County designated as Local Historic Landmarks. 
There are also 20 individually listed Transylvania County
properties on the National Register of Historic Places.  Nine properties currently receive both types
of recognition.

The first floor fireplace on the Allison side of the Allison-Deaver House,

which is also on both lists.

In addition, Transylvania County
has two historic districts which include multiple properties.  The Main Street Historic District in Brevard
runs from England St. to Gaston St. and includes buildings in the Times Arcade
Alley and on Caldwell, Jordan, Probart streets. 
There are 31 contributing structures within the Main Street Historic

The East Main St. Historic
District contains 36 public and residential buildings. The district encompasses
East Main from Rice St. to Wilson Dr.

Over the next several weeks Picturing the Past will take a look
at many of these historic properties beginning with the Main Street and East
Main districts.

The Grogan House on Elm Bend is one of the properties designated

as a Local Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places.

For more information on the role
of the Joint Historic Preservation Commission contact Transylvania County
Planning and Community Development.

Photographs and
information for this column are provided by the Rowell Bosse North Carolina
Room, Transylvania County Library.  Visit
the NC Room during regular library hours (Monday-Friday) to learn more about
our history and see additional photographs. 
For more information, comments or suggestions contact Marcy at
[email protected] or
828-884-3151 X242.

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