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Roland Whitmire, W.L. Couch, and Rush Whitmire

in the Whitmire Motor show room.

In the 1920s
Roland and Rush Whitmire operated Whitmire Motor Company in Brevard.  They were the sons of T.W. Whitmire who owned
Whitmire Motor Company in Asheville from 1915-1924.  The elder Whitmire was a prominent
businessman in Brevard. 

Whitmire Motor was originally located on Broad St.  In late 1925 they moved to Main St.  Their newly renovated building had previously
been a livery stable.  The Whitmires
remodeled it to include a show room, repair shop, and parts room, along with an
office on the main level.  Storage space
was located in the basement, which could be accessed from the back of the building. 

Whitmire served as the sales manager. 
The repair shop was run by Luther Cooper.  J.A. Siniard, who had trained as a Chevrolet
mechanic, was also employed in the shop.

Motor Company closed at the beginning of the Depression.  By 1930 B&B Feed & Seed was operating
out of the space.  Later Houston’s
Furniture (1941-1990), followed by Grover’s Office Supply (1990-2005) were in the
building.  After sitting empty for
several years, Jaime’s Creole Brasserie renovated the building and opened in

On November 3,
1922 The Brevard News ran a full page of poems written to advertise various Brevard
businesses, including this one for Whitmire Motor Co.

Lawrence Holt, Parts Department, was a brother-in-law of

Roland and Rush Whitmire.

In these
rushing, busy times

much too slow;

And so we
need a motor car

we go.

When you
want the best in town,

See Whitmire
Motor Co.

Transylvania county there

Are places
nice to go

And visit,
such as waterfalls,

And views
from mountains show.

To get there
quick, we buy a car

Whitmire Motor Co.

When you’re
buying motor cars

Sure you
want to know

That the one
you’re purchasing

Is fixed up
right to go.

So if you would
be satisfied

See Whitmire
Motor Co.

Mechanic Choc Hayes and repair shop foreman Luther Cooper.

Cooper was the adopted son of T.W. & Mattie Whitmire.

Our genial
“Whit” is always proud

His bran new
cars to show

So hop in
with him, Mister,

He’ll take
you for a blow,

You’ll close
the deal for sure when you

Try Whitmire
Motor Co.

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