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the preface of his book, “Shadows of the Past: Return to Reba”, Ed Comer wrote,
“Long before the Connestee Falls community existed, its land held pockets of
hardy souls that built their homes here, tilled its rocky slopes, raised
families and generally went about their lives in an independent and
self-sufficient manner.”

2007, work on a hiking trail revealed traces of earlier residents within the
current Connestee Falls community. The discovery prompted Comer to research who
these residents had been and to learn more about their lives.

Carson Creek School, 1907

provides an overview of early settlement, the construction of roads and even
the dream of a rail line through what is today a gated residential community in
the Dunn’s Rock and Eastatoe Townships of Transylvania County.  He tells of the little community of Reba,
which officially existed as a post office from 1898 to 1907.  The Bagwell, Batson, Beasley, Clark, Garren,
Hubbard and Raines families all lived in the area that also included Carson
Creek Church and Carson Creek School.

initial home site uncovered turned out to be the remains of a cabin belonging
to Thomas M. Beasley.  A collapsed stone
chimney, a couple of logs that had likely been support beams, foundation posts
and hundreds of nails helped determine the location and size of the cabin. 

in the early 1800s, the Beasley family lived in the East Fork area on and off, with
occasional moves to Pickens County, SC.  Alston
Beasley, father of Thomas, was a partner in a silver mine located near the
present day Blue Ridge Parkway in Transylvania County beginning in 1834.  At his death the property went to Thomas and
was eventually sold in two parts in 1912 and 1915. 

Batson family at their home in present day Connestee Falls.

Back: Fred and Maggie Hogsed Batson, daughters Mayo and Corrine.

Front: Son, Milton; daughter, Bonnie; and son, Russell.

on the Beasley site led to the discovery of what remained of the Fred Batson
place.  An intact stacked stone chimney,
debris of the collapsed cabin and other artifacts of a past life were all
discovered.  Fred Batson was the third
generation of his family to live in the Carson Creek area.  Batson moved his family to a
small farm near Island Ford Rd. in Dunn’s Rock by 1925.

 “Shadows of the Past” offers a picture of the
Connestee and Carson Creek area from the late 1800s into the mid-1900s.  It is available to be checked at the
Transylvania County Library.

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