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Grave marker of Clayton and Sarah Gillespie.

In 1907 H. Clayton
Gillespie established the Gillespie Cemetery Company to provide a public
burying place in Brevard.  There were already
approximately 30 graves on his property on the southern side of town.  The original H.C. Gillespie Cemetery Grounds
(A, see map) covered 1.09 acres and was divided into 84 plots.  The property survey was filed and registered
on December 11, 1915.

Cemetery (F) was originally a separate cemetery.  It was first registered on October 31, 1940.  However about 20 markers in that section pre-date
this time. 

The earliest
is that of Della R. Reid, who died on January 31, 1918
.  Interestingly, Frankie Monteith’s “Transylvania
County Cemetery Survey” published in 1985 lists Reid at both the Lakeside
Cemetery in Lake Toxaway and Gillespie Evergreen Cemetery.  Her husband, Theodore Edwin Reid, died in
1981 at the age of 97.  His plot at
Gillespie Evergreen has markers for himself and his first two wives.

Map showing the six sections of the Gillespie-Evergreen Cemetery.

children of William and Corrie Brown who died between 1918 and 1921 and were
buried in the Glazener Cemetery on Glazener Rd. in Brevard also have markers
near their parents in this section. 
Their mother Corrie Mae Hogsed Brown died at the age of 98 in 1987.

In September
1952 a group of interested citizens established the Gillespie-Evergreen
Cemetery Fund in order to provide permanent care of the Gillespie and Evergreen
cemeteries.  In 1981 a new organization,
the Gillespie-Evergreen Cemetery Association, was formed to provide for the care,
upkeep and maintenance of Gillespie Cemetery and Evergreen Cemetery. 

Today the
Gillespie-Evergreen Cemetery covers approximately 8 acres.  Over the years additional sections were
added—the Gillespie Cemetery Extension (D) was registered on September 6, 1945;
Gillespie Supplement Section (B) on October 30, 1945; Mary Queen Gillespie
Extension on May 23, 1955; and the Gillespie Cemetery Extension Section #2 (C)
on November 26, 1957.

The Veteran’s Memorial monument and flagpole were dedicated in

March 1948 by the American Legion Auxiliary.

There is a
network of paved walkways among the plots the older sections of the
cemetery.  Many plots also have low
concrete or stone walls around them.  Gillespie-Evergreen
Cemetery served as the main public cemetery in the county until Pisgah Gardens (now
Blue Ridge Gardens of Memory) opened on the Hendersonville Hwy. in Pisgah
Forest about 1959.

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