Girl Scouts planting a tree near the school on South Broad Street in 1925.

Beulah May Zachary is 8th from the left.

Beulah May Zachary
was born in Brevard to Beulah McMinn and Woodford William Zachary on August 13,
1911.  She was the youngest of four
children and her father died when she was just over two years old.  Her father had been an attorney, had served
one term in the state legislature and was chairman of the Board of Education.  Her maternal grandfather, Nathan McMinn, was
a leader in the development of Brevard.

As a child Miss
Zachary attended Brevard Institute and Brevard High, graduating in 1928.  Miss Zachary continued her education at Salem
College where she was very active as a cheerleader, member of the debate
society, and student council.  She
directed the senior play and was editor-in-chief of the yearbook.  As a member of the Class of 1932 Beulah
Zachary was voted “most intelligent.”

Beulah May Zachary, 2nd row, 2nd from right was a member of the

1928 BHS girls’ basketball team that won

the Western North Carolina Championship/

graduation Miss Zachary returned to Brevard where she taught school for a few
years.  It was at this time that she
organized and directed the first Brevard Little Theater.  Beulah May Zachary was destine for a bigger
stage though.  She moved to New York City
and worked as a production manager on Broadway. 

In 1939 Miss
Zachary began working in the relatively new entertainment field of
television.  As the producer-director of
RCA-Victor’s “Kukla, Fran and Ollie” she was a leading women in television.  She was also a successful business woman.

Miss Zachary,
along with other family members, started an organ fund at the Brevard Methodist
Church in honor of her mother, Beulah McMinn Zachary.  Mrs. Zachary was able to attend the
dedication service but passed away on April 4, 1958.  Miss Zachary’s will dated April 28, 1958
included funds “to the Brevard Methodist Church for the care, maintenance,
upkeep, use, and improvement of the Beulah McMinn Zachary Memorial Organ.”

Less than a
year later Beulah May Zachary died when American Airlines Flight 320 crashed into
New York’s East River on February 3, 1959. 
Her family and the Brevard Methodist Church set up a fund in her memory
for organ recitals and other music programs.  Beulah May Zachary is remembered in Brevard for
her contributions to performing arts through First United Methodist Church,
Brevard College, and the Brevard Little Theater.

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