Some of the photographs in the North Carolina Room Collection at
the Transylvania County Library have little information to identify the people,
event or location.  Such was the case for
today’s feature photo labeled “At the Franklin July 1, 1905” in the lower right
corner.  At a much later date someone had
written this information, plus “Photo by Scadin” beneath the image. 

While searching the Sylvan Valley News for unrelated information
an article titled, “Mother Goose Birthday Party” was discovered.  It was obvious this explained the “At the
Franklin” photo of a group of children dressed in costume.  The article also names the photographer, Hiram
Glover of Brevard rather than his friend and fellow photographer, Henry Scadin from Sapphire.

Below is the complete article from the July 14, 1905 edition of
the Sylvan Valley News.

The Mother Goose party given by Master Joe Morton at the Franklin
hotel on Saturday afternoon to celebrate his sixth anniversary was in every way
a most enjoyable affair, marred only by the threatening storm, which hurried
the little ones home earlier than was intended.

Promptly at 4 pm as per the invitation, Little Boy Blue blew his
horn as a welcome to his guests and Mother Goose received each member of her
family whose numbers rapidly increased. 
After a series of merry games the party repaired to the porch where the
table was spread.  In the centre was a
perfect meadow on which the sheep and lambs gamboled merrily, while in a corner
was a pond and the pen with the cows in the corn, proved how fully each detail
had been carried out. After partaking of the delicious refreshments the crowd
was grouped and a picture taken by photographer Glover. 

Joe Morton,”Little Boy Blue” and his party guests. 
Photo by Hiram Glover.

The following is a list of the guests and the character they
represented: Ruth Genkenger, Mother Goose; Lillian Genkenger and Andrew Orr,
Wheelbarrow Pair; Goode Cheatham, Old King Cole; Banks Withers, Jack Sprat;
Sarah Falls, Nancy Etticoat; Marian Falls, Betsy Brooks; Frances Campbel,
Mother Hubbard; Rubin Cornal, Queen of Hearts; Margerie Breese, Bo Peep;
William Breese, Bobbie Schafter; Liza and William Wallis, Jack and Jill;
Josephine DeVane, Mary and her Lamb; Ruth Moore, Miss Moffett; Felix Brunot,
Doctor Foster; Hilary Brunot, Crooked Man; Frank Morton, Tom Tom Piper; Joe
Morton, Boy Blue; Irene McMinn, Curly Locks; Sarah Burrowes, Mary Quite
Contrary; Edith Burrowes, Daffel Down Dilly.

Following is the invitation extended:

Won’t you come to my Birthday Party

All the children will be there,

We’ll hunt pipes and blow soap bubbles

Mother says she doesn’t care.

Mother Goose will also come

To meet her large family, of which you
are one,

So please dress as her children do

And a hearty welcome she will give to

Little Boy Blue will blow his horn

July 1st on The Franklin

Four o’clock is the hour to come

And I am sure we’ll have lots of fun.

Photographs and information for this column are provided by the
Rowell Bosse North Carolina Room, Transylvania County Library. For more
information, comments, or suggestions contact Marcy at [email protected]
or 828-884-1820.

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