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Scripophily is the study and collection of stock and bond certificates.
 Old certificates may be valued for
their historical significance or aesthetic

V.B. McGaha purchased 2 shares of  Transylvania Turnpike stock

on August 10, 1898/

The certificates referred to in this article were issued from 1898-1968 by local companies to raise
money for their business ventures.  They contain a variety of information including the company name and seal, the value, and signatures of the company president and secretary or treasurer. Completed certificates also have the date and the name of the shareholders.

The Local History Room at the Library has three books containing stocks from
Gloucester Lumber Company and one Transylvania Tanning Company stock book.  Gloucester Lumber and Transylvania Tanning
were both owned by Joseph Silversteen.

J. M. Zachary’s

1909 French Broad Flume & Lumber Company stock certificate.

The collection also contains individual certificates for Brevard
Community Hatchery, Brevard Country Club, French Broad Flume & Lumber
Company, Plummer-Cobble Company, Rainbow Lake, Rosman Improvement Company,
Rosman Knitting Mills, Transylvania Publishing Company, Transylvania Tribune
and Transylvania Turnpike Company.

The appearance of the certificates varies.  The oldest certificate, from the Transylvania
Turnpike Company, is black ink on cream paper with a wide detailed border but
little other ornamentation.  The others
use black, green or orange ink and include decorative borders, as well as some
type of illustration.  The illustrations include
the official North Carolina State seal, various eagles, an industrial image and
a woman with a star on her forehead.

Carolina, Knoxville & Western Railway Company coupon for $15.00,

redeemable in April 1894.

Coupons were attached to some bond certificates.  The bond owner detached the coupon for payment
when the interest became due.  A partial
set of Carolina, Knoxville & Western Railway Company redemption coupons
dating from 1891-1894 was recently donated to the Local History Room

The Carolina, Knoxville & Western Railway was part of a rail line
intended to link Augusta, Georgia to Knoxville, Tennessee.  The route would have run through Transylvania
County.  Right of ways were purchased and
some clearing and grading completed, although no track was ever laid locally.

The South Carolina section of track would continue to be used for many
years by other rail companies.  Today the
Swamp Rabbit Trail follows the former Carolina, Knoxville & Western Railway
bed from Travelers Rest to Greenville.

and information for this column are provided by the Rowell Bosse North Carolina
Room, Transylvania County Library.  Visit
the NC Room during regular library hours (Monday-Friday) to learn more about
our history and see additional photographs. 
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