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Paul Smathers worked in the automotive
and machine business in Transylvania and Buncombe counties.  In 1913 he started an auto transfer business
in Brevard with his father-in-law, T.W. Whitmire.  Together they also co-founded Whitmire-Smathers
Motor Company in Asheville.  

Walk behind gas mower.

Smathers and Whitmire operated
automotive businesses in both Asheville and Brevard until the mid-1930s.  In 1937 Smathers went into the machinery
business in Brevard.

Acme riding tractor with cultivator.

On March 24, 1943 Paul Smathers
purchased the Cash & Carry Grocery building on the corner of North Broad and
East French Broad streets.  Smathers
Manufacturing Company designed, built and distributed small utility tractors and
equipment.  World War II had led to a
large shortage of machinery.  Smathers
was able to use old, discarded machinery to build farm equipment that was in
big demand.  

For a couple of years in the
early 1950s Smathers became a stockholder with the Acme Manufacturing Company
and operated as a Southern representative for the Wisconsin based company.  He later sold his Acme interests and return
to operating his own machine and welding shop.

The shop operated under the
name Power Equipment Company into the mid-1950s.  By 1957 Brevard Auto had moved to the
location.  Brevard Auto built a new
building behind the old Smather’s building around 1970.

Smathers Manufacturing located in the former Cash and Carry

on N. Broad and E. French Broad streets,

Photographs of Smather’s
business and machinery sometimes carry the Smathers name and at other time the
Acme name. 

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During The Acme Manufacturing Co. period, 1951-52.

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