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It has
been nearly 30 years since an architectural survey of Transylvania County was
conducted.  Structures had to retain their
architectural and historical integrity and have been constructed prior to 1941
to qualify for inclusion in the survey.

all of the 250 plus homes within the City of Brevard that were surveyed for the
project were built after 1900, with the majority being constructed prior to the
economic collapse of the late 1920s and the Great Depression that followed. 

of some Brevard’s once stately homes will be featured in occasional upcoming “Picturing
the Past” articles.

Annie Colcock of Yemassee, SC was an author and artist.  She wrote short stories published in
magazines and at least one “summer romance” novel.  She studied art under William Chase in the U.S.
and abroad.  Her work was exhibited in a
number of large galleries.

An addition on the northeast side of the house comprised of  the dining room

on the main level and a bedroom above was constructed within the first

20 years of the house’s existence.

visiting Brevard on several occasion during the early 1900s, Miss Colcock
purchased five acres on the west end of Probart St. in 1909.  Her two-story Dutch Colonial style cottage
was constructed by Felix Norton.  A large
cut granite fireplace had “Gladsheim” etched in the center stone.  Announcements in the Sylvan Valley News refer
to Miss Colcock’s home by that name and state that she first moved into the
residence for the summer season in 1910.

also had an art studio on the property, where she taught classes.  In 1919 it was reported that she would
exhibit her own paintings in her studio and open it to the public on Wednesday

Toomis Colcock died in South Carolina on August 3, 1923.  Her only immediate surviving family was her
mother.  Mrs. Colcock sold the property
to Judson and Dora McCrary in May 1925.  A
few days later they resold it to Mildred Austin.

and Mildred Austin, along with their two small children and Mildred’s father had
moved to Brevard to open a photography studio a few months earlier.  Within a few years two more daughters joined
the family that would reside in the home for over 90 years until selling it in
2018.  The old home has since been torn

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