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The beginning
of the 20th century brought rapid growth throughout Transylvania
County.  The Brevard Schools, like the
Rosman Schools featured last week, did not have the facilities to meet the
growing demand for quality education.

Brevard High & Graded Schools, circa 1924

When T.C. Henderson became the
Superintendent of Transylvania County Schools in 1905
he pushed hard
for school improvement.  Between 1905 and 1911 money
invested in schools jumped from $5,542 to $32,807—almost 6 times as much. 

Brevard High
School opened in September 1908 on the corner of Broad and Morgan (facing the
old library).  It had students in first
grade through high school.  There were
five teachers and 171 students.  An
average of 34.2 students per teacher but the first grade teacher actually had

 The enrollment increased
quickly and in 1919 the new high school (8th-11th grades)
opened next door.  It included
classrooms, labs, and a gymnasium and offered classes in domestic science,
stenography and bookkeeping beyond the traditional courses.  The older building was then used for the
elementary grades only.

Early photo of Brevard High School opened in 1925.

As enrollment
continued to boom the new high school opened on Broad Street
in September 1925.  It cost $90,000 and had 27
teachers.  An August 22, 1924 Brevard News article states, “In order to cut down the cost, the Board of Education cut out the swimming pool which was in the original plan.”  This would have been an indoor pool in the basement of the school.  

Sometime after
1928 the original 1908 building was demolished. 
The 1919 high school building continued to be used as the elementary

The 1945-46
school year saw the addition the 12th grade to the school
system.  For that reason there was not a
graduating class in 1946.  The Library
has copies of all Brevard High School annuals from 1944-2014, except 1946.  Our understanding is that it was not
published that year because there was not a graduating class.

On January 1,
1953 the Ecusta Band officially became the Brevard High School Band.  Mr. John Eversman was the director and Mr. Charlie
Glass provided instruction for the 50+ high school band members.  All band instruments, uniforms and sheet
music were also transferred to Brevard High by Ecusta.

The “new” Brevard High School opened in 1959.

The 1959 school year began with the opening of the
“new” Brevard High on Country Club Road for $786,200.
  It was Brevard’s fourth high school and has served for the longest period
of time—55 years to date.

Picturing the Past will continue to feature Transylvania County Schools’ history for the
next 4 weeks.

Photographs and information
for this column are provided by the Rowell Bosse North Carolina Room,
Transylvania County Library.  Visit the
NC Room during regular library hours (Monday-Friday) to learn more about our
history and see additional photographs. 
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