About Email

Email is accessible from the Library’s public computers ONLY if the email service is web-based or has a web access.  We have two Email only stations that have limited access to the Internet and limited time restrictions.  Below are links to many popular free email services as well as links to web-accessible paid email service. If your email provider is not listed, just type the URL in the browser address bar and hit return on the keyboard.

Gmail Windows Live/
Web Mail
Excite Mail
Inbox.com AOL Netmail ATT/BellSouth.net
  EMailAnywhere Mail2Web

Each web-based email service requires registration. Library staff is not able to provide in-depth assistance when setting up an email account. Be prepared to spend 20-30 minutes to acquire a free account.

Signing up for email will be easier if you are prepared ahead of time:

  • Choosing an Email name. An email address looks like this — username@freeemailservice.com The name you choose is the name people will see in front of the @ symbol. If the name you select is already taken you will be able to try a variation, and the email service may suggest variations. There are no spaces allowed and generally a combination of letters and numbers is required to achieve a name that no one else has used. Once your name and complete email address is established, WRITE IT DOWN. You must know your email address to access the account again.
  • Choosing a Password. Try to have something in mind before you begin the registration process. Once you have successfully established a name, you must choose a password. The password is usually required to be at least 6 characters long and must contain a combination of letters and numbers. PASSWORDS ARE CASE SENSITIVE.  That means that if you enter your password as mypassword123 but type it with capital letters as MYPASSWORD123, it will not work!  You cannot use any special characters for passwords — no spaces, hyphens, periods, etc. Each email service’s password requirements are unique, so read what is required. Make sure that the password you enter is something that you can remember and WRITE IT DOWN with your email address name and keep it in a safe place.   These two pieces of information are how you will always access your email account.
  • Selecting a question. Some services will give you the opportunity to access your account if you forget your password IF you can answer a previously submitted question.  When you sign up, select your question and provide the answer.  It is also important to remember both the question and what you answered in case you forget the password at any point.
  • You will be required to provide some personal information to get the email account.  Typically your name and address.
  • Some email services require to read and re-type some letters or numbers from a picture.  This is a CAPTCHA.  You will see some distorted text in a box and will be asked to re-type the text.  This is used to ensure that you are a real person signing up for an account in order to prevent automated systems from creating email accounts to send out spam (junk) emails.