Shelf Reading

Shelf Reading is an email book review service of the Transylvania County Library. Two times per month, a new email review, written by volunteers, will be sent to your email inbox.  CLICK HERE for the latest issue.

Reviews will average between 150 and 170 words and cover a wide variety of topics and genres (fiction, history, poetry, art, science). Each review will also have a See Also set of further reading recommendations that are either books by the author being reviewed or titles that are associated with the general topic of the review.

Reviews will cover both new and older titles and all reviewed books can be found in the Library’s collection. We hope that Shelf Reading will help you will find some new “reads” or perhaps reacquaint you with some titles from your past reading experiences.

There are several ways to sign up to receive the weekly Shelf Reading email.
Give your name and email address to any Library staff member or Click here to subscribe to as part of our Mailing Lists signups. Select “Shelf Reading” from list of choices.