Silversteen Collection – Box 55F – Folder 9

SFD-55F Folder 9 item 9_TTimes article with TranTann employees_small


  1. Transylvania Times, 10 Nov 2011, Transylvania History:  Tannery Plant Foundation is One-Eighth Mile Long
  2. Transylvania Times, 26 Nov 2009, Transylvania History:  Tannery Closed By   Stockholders
  3. Transylvania Times, 10 May 2004, Photocopy of article about Harold Norwood, chief chemist and assistant manager of Transylvania Tanning Company
  4. Transylvania Times, 9 Oct 2000, Guest Column, Reflections on the Transylvania Tanning Company by Nathaniel Hall
  5. Transylvania Times, 2 Oct 2000, Guest Column, Tanneries, Buffers and Cherry Bombs by Gary Carden, Carden’s memories of working at Transylvania Tanning             Company
  6. Transylvania Tanning Company smokestack; copy of photo from Transylvania:  The Architectural History of a Mountain County, 1998
  7. Transylvania Times, 6 Nov 1997, Senior Citizen Profile:  Gray’s Days at the Tannery   Take Him Way Back by Edith Phillips; photocopy of article and photo about Luther Gray
  8. Transylvania Times, 1 Feb 1996, photocopy of Transylvania Tanning Company baseball team. Persons identified in photo include:  Bill Morgan, Harold Norwood, Frank Wicker, Harry Clayton, Vernon Fullbright, Spencer Macfie, Cecil or Floyd Hensley, Charles Mull, T.T. Loftis, Albert Payne and Ansel Jones
  9. Transylvania Times, 23 Oct 1986, photocopy of workers at Transylvania Tanning Company; includes horse
  10. Transylvania Times, 6 Sep 1984, photocopy of Transylvania Tanning Company employees
  11. Letter from Robert W. Melton to N.P. Dworetsky dated 2 Jul 1965 re. appraisal and possible sale of Transylvania Tanning Company; includes plat of the property dated 24 Jun 1959
  12. Correspondence dated 28 Jul 1959 from Mrs. A.H. Weiss to Mrs. F. Webb Griffith re: check for payment on subordinated notes held by Transylvania Tanning Company
  13. Letter of recommendation for Agnes Henderson dated 13 Jul 1959 To Whom it May Concern from M.S. Weiss
  14. Statement dated 11 June 1959 re. Leonard Giles credit memos
  15. Letter of recommendation for Daniel Galloway dated 19 June 1959 To Whom It May Concern from Mrs. A.H. Weiss
  16. Letter of recommendation for Alvin Harrison dated 10 June 1959 To Whom It May Concern from Mrs. A.H. Weiss
  17. 1959 correspondence re. tax returns for Transylvania Tanning Company; includes 19 letters dated from January through August 1959
  18. Income Tax Assessment year ended 30 April 1957 to J. S. Silversteen from D. E. Gatewood
  19. Letter from Phil Emrich to Transylvania Tanning Company dated 22 Dec 1945 re. order; letter written on three page catalogue featuring tanner’s tools with pictures
  20. Bill of lading from Union Chain & Mfg. Co. to Transylvania Tanning Company, 5 Dec 1945
  21. Postcards from Union Chain & Mfg. Co. to Transylvania Tanning Company re. status of orders;  5 cards
  22. Certification of use of Newfoundland Cod Oil dated 18 Aug 1945 from Toxaway Tanning Company to Scandinavian Oil Co.
  23. Letter from Mountain City Foundry and Machine Company to Transylvania Tanning Company dated 14 Jul 1945 re. misplaced pattern
  24. Letter from National War Labor Board to Alan Brombacher of Transylvania Tanning Company dated 7 Jul 1945 re. salary adjustments
  25. Acknowledgement of order from Union Chain & Mfg. Co. dated 19 Apr 1945 to Transylvania Tanning Company
  26. Western Union Telegram, 30 Nov 1944 from Transylvania Tanning Company to Tide Water Associated Oil Co. re:  order for high melting point wax
  27. Postcard from The Turner Tanning Machinery Co. to Transylvania Tanning Company dated 18 Sep 1944; acknowledgment of order; Telegram dated 4 Jan 1944 requesting info
  28. Letter dated 5 Sep 1944 from Tide Water Associated Oil Co. to Transylvania Tanning Company re. Shipment of refined wax
  29. 1945 certificate acknowledging Transylvania Tanning Company as an agent for the U.S. Treasury Department for the issuance of war savings bonds.  Signed by Henry Morgenthau, Sec. Treas.
  30. 1940-1953 Checks to share holders Joseph Silversteen, Miriam Weiss, Adelaide Hill, Elizabeth Silversteen and Dorothy Bjerg     
  31. Transylvania Tanning Company, First mortgage 6%  Coupon Gold Bond, agreement with Marjorie Slate, 3 Oct 1927
  32. 1 January 1923, Two brochures re. Transylvania Tanning Company First Mortgage 6% Serial Gold Bonds
  33. Transylvania Tanning Company Statement of Loss re. 1919 fire
  34. 125-foot Smokestack Finished for Tannery, Brevard News, 27 April 1917
  35. Transylvania Tanning Company president’s report 15 Jan 1913
  36. Three Days’ Forest Festival on the Biltmore Estate; Transylvania Tanning Company mentioned under heading:  Bark and Tanning Extracts, American Lumberman, January 2, 1909
  37. Transylvania Times, Glancing Back, undated newspaper article entitled Tanning Co.    Closes
  38. Undated list of overdue tannery sales
  39. Undated Bill of Lumber of addition to Transylvania Tanning Company
  40. Letterhead for Toxaway Tanning Company
  41. The Story of Leather and Its Connection with the Industrial Development of North Carolina (8 pages), Undated with no indication of specific relation to Transylvania Tanning Company