Silversteen Collection – Box 55F – Folder 4

SFD-55F Folder 4 item 7_Biltmore Estate correspondence_small


  1. Subject:  Freight Bill Audit, 4 Sep 1962, from Atlas Traffic Consultants Corp. to D.S. Bjerg at Gloucester Lumber Company; seeking permission to request freight bill refunds
  2. Nineteen letters from various companies acknowledging a Christmas gift (notepad, nail file and comb) from Robert N. Hill of Gloucester Lumber Company; dated from 18 Dec 1962 thru 13 Jan 1962
  3. Appalachian Lumbermens Club invitation to attend an outdoor meeting at Bent Creek Experimental Forest on 26 Aug 1960; back of invitation includes a map of Applachian Hardwood producing territory
  4. Three letters dated April 1960 regarding insurance coverage at Gloucester Lumber Company
  5. Letter from Transylvania County Board of Commissioners dated 1 May 1933 acknowledging application of Gloucester Lumber Company for license to sell beer at their business on Main Street in Rosman.
  6. Letter from C.D. Cushing of US Department of Agriculture Forest Service dated 12 Sep 1916 requesting an opportunity to talk to Joseph Silversteen about offering his land in Gloucester Township to the US Government
  7. Letter from C.D. Beadle of Biltmore Estate to Joseph S. Silversteen dated 7 March 1912 in which he refers to phone conversation and a previous letter (copy of 29 Jul 1911 letter included).  Also includes Statement of Expense of Gloucester Survey