Silversteen Collection – Box 55D – Folder 4

SFD-55D Folder 4 item 0_book cover Brian DuToit_small


  1. New Book Chronicles Family’s Story and Its Legacy, Transylvania Times, 12 December 2005 (2)
  2. Letter from Monroe County PA office of Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds to Brian duToit; Land purchase records of Silverstein; 29 April 2005 (1)
  3. Letter from Suzanne Durham to Brian duToit; sale of land by Biltmore Company to Silverstein; 18 April 2005 (1)
  4. Application for access to Biltmore Company Archives; correspondence between Brian duToit and Suzanne Durham; 15 April 2005 (3)         
  5. Bradford County PA Historical Society letter to Brian duToit; search of Towanda PA directories (1889-1897) for Silverstein family; 29 September 2004 (1)    
  6. Finding Aid for Biltmore Estate Forestry Department Manager’s Records, Additional Materials 26 August 2004 (3)
  7. Pogrom; explanation of attacks on Jewish communities in Ukraine 1881-1918 (1)
  8. Five articles from A Serial Story of Hans Rees’ Sons, Inc. and Their Leather published January 1937; includes articles on raw materials, the making of tanning liquors, preparing hides for tanning, tanning operation and  finishing operations (6)
  9. The Tanner and the Currier; two page article on the art of tanning; source undocumented and undated (2)
  10. Letter from Lisa Roberts, UNC-G Reference Librarian to Brian duToit; Silverstein family (1)
  11. Church site on Silverstein property; two pages from Transylvania Beginnings:  A History by Mary Jane McCrary, 1984 (3)
  12. Letter from Mike to Brian duToit; three pages of notes on Silverstein and Mount genealogy records (3)
  13. White House located on East Main Street in Brevard NC; Mr. White was a supervisor in Silverstein’s Transylvania Tanning Company (2)