Silversteen Collection – Box 55D – Folder 3

SFD-55D Folder 3 item 4_open house invite to 2nd floor Museum


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  3. Flyer for “An Evening with the Silversteens”, 11 October 2011 (1)
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  15. Historical Notes on Joseph Simpson Silversteen and Silvermont (4 pages)
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  17. The Man Who Changed the Face of Transylvania County, pamphlet with news article from 1923 Brevard News about Joseph Simpson Silversteen, courtesy of Friends of Silvermont (1)
  18. Docent Guide for Second Floor House Museum; (13 pages)
  19. Self Guided Tour of Silvermont Mansion; pocket folder includes two pamphlets:  “The Man Who Changed the Face of Transylvania County” and “Silvermont: A National Historic Site” with descriptions of the foyer, the picture gallery, Mr. Silversteen’s Office, Mrs.Silversteen’s Office (DAR room), the dining room, the morning room, the parlor, the Silversteen room, the children’s room and the bedroom (12 pages plus pamphlets)