Countdown to Eclipse 2017








Totality Begins at the Library at approximately 2:37 PM and will last for about 1 minute and 4 seconds. 

Eclipse Day Activities at the Library

We’ll have the NASA Eclipse feed running in the Rogow Room beginning by 10:00 am. The LIVE FEED starts at 11:45 am. Eclipse events in the feed won’t start until approximately 12 noon, when the partial phase begins on the west coast.  We’ll keep the feed going until 5:00 pm.  We’ll have cosmic snacks starting at 11:45 am, but feel free to bring your own lunch and snacks.  We’ll have cups, napkins, and small plates.  The Library proper will be CLOSED from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, but the Rogow Room will remain open during this time. 

Since this is a once in a lifetime experience, we don’t know exactly what to expect, but roads are expected to be crowded and officials estimate that we may have between 20,000 and 30,000 visitors here on Eclipse Day.  Most of all remember to STAY SAFE, both viewing the eclipse and when driving on the roads in Transylvania County that day.  We have a FEW pairs of ECLIPSE GLASSES so that we’ll start giving out at 11:45 am in the Rogow Room!  For other locations with glasses, call the Chamber at 884-8900.

Books, Articles & More

Eclipse Books on Display at the Library

Transylvania Times has many articles about the eclipse locally.  (Subscription required for access to some articles)

WNC Magazine’s Eclipse Guide

Article from Smoky Mountain Living — June 1, 2017

The All-American Eclipse Guide (PDF reader required)

Eclipse Info Sheet from NASA (PDF reader required)

Eclipse Handout from Transylvania County Government (PDF reader required)

Solar Eclipse Eye Safety Handout from Transylvania County Government (PDF reader required)

Planning for the Solar Eclipse from ASPR TRACIE, a healthcare preparedness information gateway from the Department of Health and Human Services (PDF reader required)


Websites Transylvania County‚Äôs Tourism Development Authority’s website about the eclipse event. Places to stay, eat, and enjoy the festivities.

Eclipse Safety Tips from NASA — Tips on how to ensure your Eclipse 2017 viewing is done safely.

PARI —  Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute with links to science resources and their eclipse events.

Eclipse2017.orgCovers the eclipse across the nation, with graphics, maps, and community links allow you to narrow down to your community. Official state government information on the eclipse across the state, including community events in various cities.

Eclipse2017 at NASA Official NASA website with interactive maps and the science behind a solar eclipse.

Timeanddate Exact time of eclipse in Brevard from beginning to end. Also includes animated video of what the eclipse will look like.

NC Department of Transportation Safe driving tips to consider immediately before, during, and after the eclipse in NC.

Eclipse Viewing Safety Tips on experiencing the eclipse safely from the American Astronomical Society and the National Science Foundation Website to help plan an eclipse-viewing trip. Places to stay, eat, and watch the event are included.

Southeastern Traveler Blog Good travel tips for people coming to Brevard from out-of-town to view the eclipse.