Two separate week-long sessions for ages 10-12 will be offered this summer. One in June (June 26-30) and one in August (July 31-August 4). The classes are FREE and will run every day Monday – Friday. Tweens ages 10-12 can sign up for the morning session 10am-1pm for Beginners or the afternoon session 2pm-5pm for advanced students who have taken this course before. The afternoon class in June will be for beginners.

 Registration is required. Call us at 884-3151 ext. 3 or stop by the Youth Services Desk to register.

Tween Computer Animation Classes using Alice software: Alice is back for Tweens this summer. For those who are anxious to learn the art of computer animation we will offer once again Computer Animation classes for ages 10 – 12. Our Tween classes will use Alice – an educational software developed by a research group at Carnegie Mellon University that teaches computer programming in a 3-D environment. The instructor for this class will be Donna Hoover. Donna has been an educator for a number of years and has attended special training for Alice. She is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about teaching with this software.