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A PIN for your library card can only be issued in person.  Bring your library card to the Circulation Desk and ask a staff member to input your desired PIN into your account.  You must remember your PIN!  Once your PIN is input, library staff cannot read it.  If you already have a PIN and would like to change it, you can do this in person at the library or through your account via the online catalog.

To change your PIN online, log in to your account.   You will be asked to sign in using the Patron/Alternate ID number (the 14 digit number on the back of your library card) and PIN. Once you are signed in, the option to change your PIN appears as a button near the top “Edit Pin”. Click this button to open a screen that says Change Patron Information.  Type your current PIN, the desired new PIN, re-enter the new PIN and press Enter.   The window will indicate that the change was successful. If you are signed up for our email notifications, an email message will be sent informing you of your PIN change and what your new PIN is.