June 28, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Rogow Room, Transylvania County Library
Youth Services
828-884-3151 ext. 3
Wednesday Family Show @ Rogow Room, Transylvania County Library

Wednesday, June 28 @ 3:00PM (recommended for ages 5 & up)

Spoon Man: Get “Spooned”

Come and get “SPOONED” at our Wednesday Family Show. Stop sitting around the house getting all tarnished up and come out and have some fun. The “Spoon Man” offers a hilarious interactive comedy program for all ages. He gives a real stirring performance. Everyone will really eat him up. No bibs required. The “Spoon Man” has a totally clean act. He never uses dirty silverware. The “Spoon Man” will leave a lasting impression after playing on you (literally). The “Spoon Man” has been playing the spoons for nearly 32 years, professionally for 20 years. It’s a spoonful of family fun.

A workshop with Spoon Man will follow at 4:30pm for ages 8-12. Registration is required for the workshop.